Headshot-16I am an environmental scientist working on climate policy at the Washington State Department of Ecology, where my focus is on reducing economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions to meet state targets and avoid the worst consequences of climate change.

I returned to Washington in 2019 after spending three and a half years in Washington DC transitioning from a research-focused to a policy-focused career. While there, I first served as a served as a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and then as a science and technology policy advisor to a Member of Congress.

My background is in environmental science with experience in academia, industry, and the executive and legislative branches of the federal government. I have strong analytical and written and oral communication skills. I excel at distilling complex topics into concise summaries and translating technical information into accessible, audience-appropriate formats. I’m a creative thinker, a coalition builder, and a pragmatist with a passion for using science to improve people’s lives.